Proven effectiveness

Physiotherapists use proven techniques to restore or maintain the proper movement and function of the body.

Primarily concerned with Joints, Soft Tissue and Bones, Physiotherapy is well known for treating injuries and helping to recover from surgery, but it can also be a huge help in preventing injury in the first place.

At Dynamic Physio we approach our therapy holistically; we place a focus on overall wellbeing and optimal health. Our mission is to get you moving efficiently (and painlessly!) so your body can operate at its peak, no matter what activity you are doing.

How physiotherapists could help you

If you have injured yourself through sport or just day to day activities, we can help you get back to normal movement and function faster than if you go it alone. We can also assist with exercises and other techniques to prevent injuries from happening again!

And if your injury is covered by ACC, your first appointment and consultation are 100% free. We have really flexible opening hours and heaps of parking too, so there’s no excuse to put off treating that painful limb, back, neck, shoulder or knee…

Just give us a call, email, or BOOK ONLINE today.