Postural Syndrome

Postural syndrome is a condition that causes pain in the upper, mid & lower back, neck and shoulders.

It is a condition that is caused by adopting poor posture over a prolonged period of time. This may occur in any position such as standing or lying, but is particularly common during sitting (e.g. at a computer, using a mobile phone, watching television or driving).

When sitting slouched your lower back goes into a position of its maximal forward bend. This will cause pain if maintained for a prolonged time as it places a high stretching force and increased load on the joints. Similarly, when standing with a position of poor posture, stress is placed on the joints of your lower back.

What are the symptoms of postural syndrome?

Patients with postural syndrome generally have normal, pain-free movement. Symptoms are only experienced when poor posture is maintained for prolonged periods in various positions such as sitting, standing or lying. Typically, pain is worse at the end of a working day and usually starts as a dull ache in the lower back region and can occasionally be accompanied by symptoms in the upper back, shoulders or neck.

How can physiotherapy help?

Our therapists will target your areas of pain & stiffness. Education and adjustment of posture is important throughout treatment as this is typically the cause of the symptoms. Physiotherapists may adjust malalignment of the body using specific techniques such massage, joint mobilisations (stretching) as well as stretching & strengthening exercises.