Dynamic Physio is a registered ACC provider, which means we can help you make an injury claim directly with ACC without needing a referral from your GP.

Our Fees

Physiotherapy ACC
ACC Initial: $24
ACC Follow Up: $24


Private Physiotherapy*
Initial Assessment 30mins: $70
Initial Assessment 45mins: $105
Initial Assessment 60mins: $140

Follow-up Treatment 30mins: $40
Follow-up Treatment 45mins: $60
Follow-up Treatment 60mins: $80

*Sessions are 30mins, 45mins or 60mins & charged accordingly depending on the complexity of your condition & time required for treatment. Please feel free to contact us directly to enquire about your requirements.

Appointments cancelled within 24hours  will incur a $24 fee. 

If you fail to attend a confirmed appointment a fee of $24 will also be charged.

Acupuncture ACC
ACC Initial: No Charge
ACC Follow-Up: $10

Private Acupuncture
Initial Assessment: $70
Follow-up Treatment: $45

Sports/Therapeutic Massage
No physiotherapy assessment
30 minutes: $40
45 minutes: $52.50
60 minutes: $70



Do I need to see my GP before coming for physiotherapy treatment?

No, you can come directly to Dynamic Physio without a referral from your GP. Our physiotherapists and friendly administration staff will be able to help you with all the relevant ACC paperwork and help lodge your claim for you.

If you have already lodged an ACC claim for your injury please bring your claim details with you to your appointment. If you don’t know your claim number, our administration staff will be able to help you find it.

Will ACC cover my injury?

The Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) will pay some of the treatment costs for any treatment you require for an injury that is as a result of an accident. ACC cover most work place injuries, accidents at home as well as sporting injuries. If you are unsure as to whether you will be covered, our reception team or your physiotherapist will be able to speak you through your eligibility on your first visit.

Is there an ACC surcharge or additional payment for treatments?

Yes, if your injury is covered by ACC then you will be asked to pay a co-payment. ACC co-payments is $24 per appointment for physiotherapy and $10 for acupuncture. There are also additional charges for materials such as strapping tape, exercise bands etc.

Why is there a co-payment?

At Dynamic Physio we employ physiotherapists who have spent years within the profession, developing expert skills and knowledge. Our senior staff also have post graduate qualifications.

As a clinic we invest in our therapists by ensuring all staff participate in post graduate study or other professional development courses every year.  Every member of the Dynamic Physio team spends a number of hours each week to share knowledge, analyse case studies and discuss the latest research with the aim of continually developing as professionals.

Dynamic Physio prides itself on delivering high standards of service. Funding from ACC for treating clients is insufficient for us to deliver a service of these standards. The co-payment we charge helps maintain our clinical standards which we believe is in the best interest of our clients.

What if I don’t have ACC?

If your treatment is not covered by ACC we are still happy to help you with treatment. We offer treatment for private and insurance claims. If you have medical insurance, we are happy to assist you with receipts to claim for your treatment through your insurance company.