Rugby Ball

With Winter sport nearly upon us, and rugby specifically, we’re about to see a lift in the number of sports injuries we see at the Dynamic Physio clinic.

The most common “start of the rugby season” injuries we see are knees and shoulders, mostly sprains and strains, along with dislocations.  These injuries are typically caused by a heavy impact or an awkward fall.


As a player, the best thing you can do to prevent a season-ruining injury in the first few weeks of the season is to ensure you warm up adequately, stretch regularly and focus on strengthening exercises to support your joints through the game.

Try not in increase your training load too quickly, as this can cause unnecessary stress on your joints and soft tissue. If possible, ease into training and gradually build up the intensity.

Cross Training

Cross training, stability and mobility exercises are your friends as well, as these help to support your body to keep moving correctly. You could try swimming, yoga or stretching.

For help and advice on how to prepare your body and prevent rugby injuries, just ask your physiotherapist. We can put together a plan to ensure your body holds up for the duration of the rugby season.

At Dynamic Physio we take a holistic approach to therapy: we focus on getting your body moving correctly so that you can avoid nasty injuries and enjoy life!