We know that warming up before exercise plays a big role in preventing injury, but cooling down is equally (if not more) important.

It’s all too easy to skip the cool down if you’re exhausted and keen to get home, but taking a few minutes to ease your body back into normal functioning and prepares you better for your next activity.

Try this:

After Running: taper down to a light jog, then power walk, to a nice easy walk before coming to a stop. Then remember to stretch gently for a few minutes.

After Sport: (football, netball, rugby etc) an easy cool down is a light jog around the pitch or court, followed by stretching. It’s easy to do this in a group as well.

Allowing yourself to take a few extra minutes at the end of your exercise will mean you recover much faster, are less likely to injure yourself next time, and it will even reduce the dreaded next day muscle pain.