Physiotherapy is often used for rehabilitation after orthopaedic surgeries such as knee reconstructions, hip replacements or shoulder reconstructions.

Following any surgery you are likely to be tight, stiff and some of your muscles may have weakened. Physiotherapy can be extremely useful in gaining your mobility and strength back in the affected area and in training your body to use muscles correctly again.

Physiotherapy can also be useful prior to surgery, as it can help strength the supporting muscles around the affected joint, and significantly improve your recovery.

So if you’re planning a knee reconstruction, hip replacement or similar, it’s worth talking to one of our therapists to make a plan for your preparation and recovery. This way you can get back to your old self much faster!

Here’s some awesome inspiration:

Take a look below at one of Tom’s amazing patients, Peter, who just last weekend completed the Auckland Half Marathon only 6 months after undergoing an ACL (knee) reconstruction. This was an awesome feat only possible through huge dedication by Peter supported by great rehabilitation therapy from Tom.

Tom Mason and Peter Shaw