Back Pain

So you’ve got a niggle, or an ache, or worse.

In some cases, your injury and pain will recover with time (and rest!) however more often than not physiotherapy will help speed up your recovery, and help prevent the injury from recurring.

There are very real risks in leaving an injury and hoping it recovers on its own. This could cause further damage to the muscle or soft-tissue, or it could have a knock-on effect by changing your gait and limiting your normal movement which in turn can cause strain on other areas of the body.

At Dynamic Physio we take a holistic approach to your well-being.

We conduct a thorough assessment at your first appointment to determine what’s causing your pain.

Then we use a variety of techniques including massage, joint mobilisation, acupuncture, strengthening exercises, and stretching to aid in recovery. Some of these you can carry on by yourself at home, and it all works together to help get you back to normal activities as soon as possible.

Don’t suffer for no reason, book an appointment today and we’ll help get you back to normal fast.