Many physiotherapists now offer acupuncture as a complementary treatment. At Dynamic physio we believe strongly in the benefits of combining these two techniques.

Here’s how it works:

There are 3 subsystems of the musculoskeletal system that maintain our function:

  1.     neural (the nervous system)
  2.     active (muscles & tendons)
  3.       passive (bones, ligaments, spinal discs)

Physiotherapy mainly involves the use of manual therapy to help improve muscle & joint dysfunction, thereby mainly treating and affecting the active and passive sub systems (although there are some neural effects).

Acupuncture involves the stimulation and manipulation of the nervous system to produce treatment affects.

So by receiving both Physiotherapy and Acupuncture treatments, you are covering all 3 aspects of the musculoskeletal system, and the result is you feel better much sooner.

More on Acupuncture:

Firstly, there are 2 types: Traditional Chinese (Eastern Acupuncture) and Western Acupuncture. Most physiotherapists (including Dynamic Physio) practice Western acupuncture.

  • Western acupuncture involves the use of fine needles inserted into meridian points around the body. The practitioner uses their anatomical knowledge of the body to select points that will stimulate nerves to induce the effects of acupuncture.
  • Multiple needles are used in various parts of the body to achieve the aims of the treatment. The needles are left in place for 20-30mins and are stimulated to achieve a Qi sensation (experienced as a tingling, warm or heavy feeling)
  • Acupuncture can reduce pain, headaches, inflammation, promote healing, reduce muscle tension, activate and strengthen weak muscles as well as promote general well-being.
  • Western acupuncture is used by physiotherapists to achieve these things by stimulating the nervous system (the brain & spinal cord) to produce and release the body’s own pain relieving neuro-chemicals. The release of these chemicals help assist the body’s own natural healing process.
  • Other effects of the release of these neuro-chemicals include promoting sleep and general well being through the release of melatonin.

Sounds pretty great hey? Here’s how we use it at Dynamic Physio:

Depending on your specific condition, you may have acupuncture needles inserted before/after or during the use of other manual therapy techniques such as massage to the same or different area &/or joint stretching/mobilisations.

It doesn’t hurt, all you will feel is a mild tingling, or warm/heavy feeling radiating from the area.

And the result? Faster, more effective pain treatment and injury healing time!

Want to know more? We would love to explain how acupuncture can help you in more detail. Just get in touch with us via the form here.