Dynamic Physio Milford: Our New Clinic on Shakespeare Road Milford Takapuna

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We are excited to announce that Dynamic Physio has expanded again to provide physiotherapy services for clients throughout the North Shore, including Takapuna, Milford, Devonport, Northcote, Glenfield and Birkenhead.

Give us a call today on 09 8696997 to schedule an appointment or read on to learn more about our services.

Introducing your new Milford physiotherapy clinic

Neighboring to many institutions such as Northshore Hospital, Smales Farm and Westlake High schools, our new Milford clinic is nestled under the Quest building. Our beautiful clinic is a convenient place to treat your injuries so you can get back to work and doing the things you love.

We see a wide range of patients for back, knee and shoulder injuries. Our Milford clinic has a large on-site gym where it is perfect for hands-on rehabilitation experience, particularly post-surgical rehab with the amount of equipment we have. Not only that but we have an amazing Pilates reformer studio so you can exercise in a controlled environment under the supervision of a professional.

Currently, we have the wonderful Greta Eaton, Jordan Olivier, Chante Kuhn and Hayley Rutter as our physiotherapists at Milford. James Suh, a highly experienced and sort after acupuncturist, will also be working at the clinic. We are also very excited to welcome 2 new additions to our team. Javon McCullam, our new sports podiatrist and Laura Coles, our new sports massage therapist.

When should you see a physiotherapist?

Physiotherapy is suitable for a wide range of people and can improve your health and quality of life in a variety of ways.

Below are some of the most common reasons people book an appointment with a physiotherapist:

1. Mechanical problems

Mechanical problems (usually characterised by pain that flares up when you perform a certain movement) often respond well to physiotherapy. Your physio can help you diagnose the issue, guide you through a tailored rehabilitation program to rebuild your strength and show you alternative techniques to help you avoid repeating the injury further down the track.

2. Persistent pains

While some minor aches and pains can get better on their own, problems that persist or worsen will require professional treatment. If you have developed a pain that does not go away, worsens, or flares up every time you engage in a particular activity, it might be time to book an appointment with your physio.

3. Injury prevention

Thinking about trying out a new sport or workout routine?  Before you get stuck into your new exercise programme, reduce your risk of injury by booking an appointment with your local physio. Your physio will work with you to understand your goals and injury history, evaluate your biomechanics and lay out a path to help you get back into sports as safely as possible.

4. Aches from sitting

Many of us are stuck at our desks for our jobs. A lack of movement, poor posture and a badly set up workspace can put unnecessary stress on your muscles and joints, which can lead to pain in your neck, back, hips and legs. Your physio can help reduce muscle tightness and restore mobility through a combination of massage therapy, exercise therapy and acupuncture, and offer insight into how you can improve your posture at work.

5. Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation often plays an important part in a patient’s wider recovery plan. If you’ve recently had surgery, your physiotherapist can help you restore mobility and rebuild strength in a safe and structured environment. With Dynamic Physio Milford onsite gym, this is the perfect place for post-surgical rehab.

Contact your local North Shore physiotherapy team

If you are looking to rehabilitate or take up Pilates by an expert physiotherapist to help you stay fit and healthy, look no further!

At Dynamic Physio, we take a highly personalised approach to treatment that keeps your needs as a patient front and center. With brand new high-quality facilities, experienced practitioners and on-site gym, Dynamic Physio Milford provides everything you need to keep your body performing at its best.

Contact us today on 09 869 6997or use our online booking system to schedule an appointment at Dynamic Physio Milford.


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